Venus Williams Falsely Accused of Killing a Man Who Died From His Injuries After Hitting Her Car

Let’s get the story straight. Venus Williams car didn’t hit anyone. She turned on a green light as most cars do to avoid getting a ticket, being stuck in an intersection and also, being hit by oncoming traffic. The accident itself of which she was involved in proves that the intersection light system across the nation is a faulty mechanism that needs updating. For most cultures, green means go.

If you ask a person to decipher what kind of green light should one turn on, that is asking every day citizens a lot to think about within a split second that can result in life or death. It is quite obvious, the oncoming car persistently sped up to cut off Serena’s car which was facing in the direction it was intended to go. When I see a person is already turning and stuck in an intersection, I think about letting that person go before proceeding after a red light turns green. It’s the right thing to do.

After all, that could be someone’s elderly parent who just wasn’t aggressive enough to beat the traffic. If that person stays in the intersection other accidents are bound to happen. Media over at has a lot of nerve deciding the outcome of this case based on officer’s testimony.

How do we know what condition the 78 year old man was in who careened or T-Boned Serena. He didn’t die at the scene at all, but over a week later which means his health and other prior complications have to be taken into account. There could be many copycat terminally grandparents who decide to forge accidents at the expense of celebs or insurance payers, and as means to set up their beloved families for life.

I am sure Venus is emotionally sorry over the man passing away, but she is no murderer who set out to kill someone. She is certainly a victim of a jacked up signal system and authorities who curry favor outcomes of incidents as they wish. There are always two sides of a story and it is just ridiculous how the media has headlines plastered over the internet accusing Venus Williams before a trial.

Media also, has said Serena’s name in place of Venus. She may have to give up all of her life earnings over an accident I believe was caused by the other party whom admits they were going so fast it was too late for their car to stop. I believe the party who took off when the light changed should have yielded the right of way and let the person already in the intersection proceed. They may have saw her face and persisted. In other words, suppose that had been a pedestrian crossing the street. Who would be at fault now?