Trinisa M. Pitts Disilgold Interview- The Makings of an International Bestselling Author

Name: Trinisa M.Pitts
Title: Author

Disilgold: What can you tell the community about yourself that will explain why Disilgold SOUL has sought you for a perSOULnalized interview?

T.P.: I am very consistent with inspiring others to reach for their dreams. It’s been years and I am still inspiring.
Disilgold: What is your latest book, music, event or venture about?

T.P.:Unspoken Words “A Light For Your Journey”.

Disilgold: How long did it take you to complete your latest project?

T.P.: I took me about 6-8 months.
Disilgold: Describe your writing style? Free-style.
T.P.:I think,I write!
Disilgold: How did you develop your writing style?
T.P.:I just started writing what I feel.
Disilgold: Who or what would you say inspired you the most?
T.P.:Jaime Washington my writing coach at the time.

Disilgold: How do you stay motivated as a writer?
T.P.: Writing is my gift. I love inspiring others and whatever is in the mind I release it.
Disilgold: What tips do you have for new writers who want to become authors?
T.P.:Just write don’t write to be perfect, just write to release.

Disilgold: Do you feel writing or marketing your book was more challenging?Which do you enjoy the most?

T.P.:The most challenging part is the marketing. It’s hard trying to get your book out there but don’t give up. Pray and doors will open like never before.

Disilgold: What marketing tip can you provide to authors?
T.P.:Use Social Media sites. Follow different Public Relations people that seem legit that can help you.
Disilgold: What was your biggest obstacle as an author?
T.P.: My biggest obstacle as an author was my honesty. Being honest with myself of what material I wanted the world to know about me personally as a person.
Disilgold: What was your worst or most challenging experience that you would like to put on blast?
T.P.:The most challenging thing for me was the editing part of the book process. Just when you think you are done you have another round of a draft to do. Don’t get upset that is the process.
Disilgold: What have been your most joyful moments as a writer?
T.P.: The release of your book of course is the most joyous feeling.
Disilgold: Are there any hidden jewels or talents that you possess that many of our Disilgold SOUL readers would be enchanted to know?
T.P.:My hidden talents have been made to be known. I have the gift to give and to be a helper. I am a servant of God to do His will.
Disilgold: What does your writing space look like?
T.P.:I made one of my rooms in my house an office. I have bookshelves with new Urban Authors and my own work on it. I have another bookshelf with my school books that I look over to every know an then to inspire me.
Disilgold: What are some of your must have writing tools?
T.P.: A writing tablet, a pen, and a computer.
Disilgold: Where can folks meet you in the near future?
T.P.:You can find me on any social media site.
Disilgold: What three words best describe you as a writer?
T.P.:Transparent, Inspiring, Spiritual.

Disilgold: What is your unique inspirational quote to readers who will discover your gifts as a writer?
T.P.:“Trinisa M. Pitts Motiving Others to Move Forward”.

Disilgold: This section of the Disilgold SOUL Get PerSOULnal” Interview requires brief responses and is known as a favorite Q&A of book fans. ARE YOU READY?

T.P.: As ready as Disilgold!

The “Get PerSOULnal” Interview
Disilgold: What time do you normally awake every morning?
Disilgold: What is your writing fuel (food) in the morning?

Disilgold: What early morning rituals have you followed as a writer?
T.P.: I say thank You Jesus for another day and Every Morning I read The Our Daily Bread before I touch my computer at all.
Disilgold: What are your favorite snack foods while writing?
T.P.: Lord Have Mercy On Me LOL I am addicted to Hot Tamales candies.
Disilgold: What is your Top 10 Music we should add to your Disilgold PerSOULnal Playlist right now?
T.P.:I listen to any Gospel channel on Pandora.

Disilgold: Do you watch television or listen to the radio when you’re writing?If so, what station or program?
T.P.:No I usually do not listen to anything I may have the TV on in another room but usually I am in silence.

Disilgold: What music artist are you listening to right now?
T.P.:MJB just came out with “You + Me Love Lesson” and because of what I am going through I heard this song one day before I slipped in my Gospel CD in my car and I have been hooked on it.
Disilgold: Do you have a fitness regimen to suggest for busy writers and music artists on the go?

T.P.:Yes, I get on my treadmill every morning for 15-30 minutes with my Gospel music in my ears. I try to walk on my lunch if weather permits and I occasionally make a workout class once a week.
Disilgold: What is your everyday outfit?

T.P.:Business Casual.

Disilgold: Who is your favorite designer?
T.P.:I don’t have a favorite designer.

Disilgold: What is your beauty or style makeover regimen in 5 steps?

T.P.:I am not really into make-up that much so I use concealer, eyeliner, powder and eyeshadow occasionally I like the natural everyday look.

Disilgold: What is your pet peeve as a writer?

T.P.: When I read something that someone has written and it doesn’t flow correctly.

T.P.:I just want to fix it. LOL.

Disilgold: What is your favorite time to put your writing pen down and rest?

T.P.: I never do my mind is always stirring up something. It never turns off.

Disilgold: Have you traveled anywhere besides your hometown and if so, where?

T.P.:I went to Arizona one time years ago on a work trip and it was amazing to me.

Disilgold: What is your favorite vacation spot of all time?
T.P.:I haven’t been on many vacations except to see my children and mother because they do not live in the city where I live.

Disilgold: What are the Top 5 Things you love about your life?
T.P.:I am a Child of God, I am a go getter, I never give up, I push myself to the limit. I am a survivor.
Disilgold: Describe something unique about your home decorating style that may reflect in your writing.
T.P.: You will find in my house inspirational wall art in each room.
Disilgold: What books are your TOP 5 and should be added to your Disilgold PerSOULnal Book List?
T.P.:I haven’t had a chance to read a good book in two years because I have been in school. But I cannot wait until I can read for pleasure now that I am done.
Disilgold: Everyone has their own definition of success. What is your definition of success?
T.P.:The path I have taken to get there. My struggles that I have overcome is my success story. It’s my testimony.
Disilgold: Do you have any personal good news to share?
T.P.: I walk the stage June 2nd 2017 with my Associates Degree in Business Management and Economics.
Disilgold: What areas in your life could use self-improvement?
T.P.: My mentality of thinking that single means something is wrong with me. I always seem to ask myself what is wrong with me why can’t I find a man?

Disilgold: What is your greatest strength?
T.P.:The ability to push myself to get up even when the devil tells me to lay there. I always get up no matter how I feel I get up, get dress and get out there. I have to face the world no matter how I feel on the inside.
Disilgold: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
T.P.:I see myself in the career that I have worked hard to establish. I see myself being happy with where God has led me.

Disilgold: What is your biggest wish for the world?
T.P.:That we would stop all the hatred.
Disilgold: If you could leave one sentence of advice to people in general, what would it be?
T.P.: Learn how to love like God loved.

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