TRENDING- Jamie FOXX’s Real Name Makes Internet Go Crazy+ His Top Jam

Jamie Foxx’s real name, which is Eric Marlon Bishop, became a trending topic via social media when a supposed obsessed fan stalked his profile online and exposed his personal information to her followers.

Now that his real name has been released, it is apparent that ‘Jamie Foxx’ is the multi- talented entertainer’s stage name; which has garnered him critical acclaim in music, film and comedy.

The question is, would Jamie Foxx have been as popular today as Eric Marlon Bishop? More than likely not. His name is common, but add the FOXX and like other Fox’s from Fred Fox to Vivica Foxx, why not a Jamie Foxx.’

It’s memorable and best matches his overall appeal as an artist.

JAMIE FOXX| Fall For Your Type -Ft. Drake

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