STRAIGHT TO NO.1- Sevyn Streeter- Before I Do

Ms. LiteraryBlast says: ‘Before I Do ‘  from the new  ‘Girl Disrupted’ album is all Sevyn Streeter.

I don’t hear any lyrics, music or even the slightest vibe that reminds me of Aaliyah’s ‘At Your Best,’ song other than the fact that she owns her own sultry vocals.

Can Sevyn Streeter be Sevyn Streeter or any RNB Female artist without being compared to the beloved songbird?

Aaliyah is not the first or last RNB music princess with fashion, style, long hair and a sensuous sound, and even if Sevyn says she pays tribute to the artist.

Sevyn needs support acknowledging she is just as unique a singer in her own beautiful brown skin. There can be an Aaliyah, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, late Aaliyah and Sevyn Streeter.

if anything, the song reminded me of the Isley Brothers ‘At Your Best’ track, but Sveyn’s vocals and lyrics are her own. Sevyn has arrived and I heard her new ‘Before I Do’ single all over radio.

‘Before I do’ is a beautiful song and now you know who is behind the track. Enough with the comparisons to the late Aaliyah. There are only a handful of RNB female singers and you love RNB music embrace it’s artists.