Rihanna’s New Man | Wendy

SOURCE: Wendy Williams Show

Every one is entitled to find love and romance in their life. Rihanna is no different, and probably feels more comfortable with someone on her same league who seems like he doesn’t want anything from her, but her.

However, based on news about the ex billionaire boyfriends of Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, it seems like these men gain authentication points for their own business dealings by toting established and trustworthy celebrity women. No one would know their exes name if it wasn’t for their relationship with these celebrity women.

This time I am not issuing any warnings to Rihanna. Rihanna is one smart cookie, as evident in how she handles backlash from past relationships with celebrities, and so dating a billionaire should be a piece of cake and could even lead to long term marriage. She deserves this man.

She did the right thing to gain weight first before indulging in a new romance, and rather than shock the man in her relationship by gaining weight later. Rihanna’s billionaire bae doesn’t seem to mind

I wish her the best.

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