OJ Says, ” I Served My Time!’ + ‘If I Did It’ Book Details Exposed

The Goldman’s, parents of Nicole Simpson, slain ex wife of NFL star O.J. Simpson, retained rights to the book, ‘O.J. Simpson: If I Did It,’ after O.J. lost a post civil case.

The Goldman’s were awarded a judgement of 33 million despite evidence being planted on the premises by authorities and a cop caught on tape making racial remarks.

The family not only will receive monetary damages, but they were able to change the title of ‘O.J. Simpson” If I Did It,’ to ‘If I Did It: Confessions of a Murderer.’

The book caused hysteria among people against OJ and was not released, but excerpts have been made available to the public since O.J.’s release from jail following a 9 year sentence for armed robbery.

Not only was the O.J. case the most watched televised court case in the history of the USA, but the reenactment via The People V. O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story tv series became the most watched criminal tv series.

While the book from Harper Collins was pulled off shelves, disabling the Goldman’s from making any profit, RADAR ONLINE released excerpts of several chapters explaining what lead up to Nicole Simpson’s death in O.J’s words.

To sum up my interpretation of O.J’s alleged explanation of events from his book as released by RADAR ONLINE, ‘A mysterious person named Charlie who knows O.J. Simpson very well was with Simpson the night of the Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murder. Apparently, O.J. decided he wanted to scare up Nicole for seeing other men over his kids, and had obtained a sharp knife to break in to her home and catch her in the act. A change of events happened when Ron Goldman came out with glasses or drinks. An argument ensued and Ron attempted to lunge at OJ. That’s when Nicole ran out of her home, but accidentally took a fall and hit her head. By then, O.J. Simpson had blacked out apparently from being kicked in the head by someone. When he woke up, Nicole and Ron were slain with blood all over the place and on his body. ‘

The whole story sounds ridiculous and why O.J.’s original ‘If I did It title’ makes the book more of a fictional mockery and account of what viewers of his trial were made to think occurred.

Do you still feel O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman or do you think he was set up by someone who had inside access to everyone’s intentions.

If you don’t recall, Kato stayed with Nicole in her outhouse while struggling for work as an actor, and also with OJ. So many questions and why people will be eager to get the real story from OJ.