NO JUDGEMENT AT ALL- 44 Things Wendy Williams Said to Diddy During Her Interview

You smell delicious.
You have finery on.
You got diamonds in your teeth.
I want to give you shoe cam.
Just check out what his suit is made of.
You’ll wear it once and throw it away.
As long as you keep your weight down.
When we see fallen soldiers from our era doesn’t that make you shed tears.
You and I have come full circle.
There are a lot of people walking by the waist side.
What do you do?
Yaas, Puffy!
I’m not seeing wrinkles.
I am seeing good.
You live a really hectic lifestyle.
Do they violate you.
Do you get robbed.
Who has this many people at their house.
What do I call you.
First huddle jumped.
Why didn’t you bring some out. We could have gotten turned up.
I know your type.
I’ll brag on you in my mind.
Puffs got 6 beautiful kids.
I love your twins.
I love that you have 6 kids, 3 babies moms.
I know.
Are you in love now?
You’ve been in love with Cassie for a while.
I’m not saying that you are sloppy.
What is it about her.
Ugh! Ugh!
And the Met Galla, what is going on here.
Why wasn’t Craig Mack ont he tour?
As the mother of a 16 year old.
Your an example of people who are not black, boys, there boys, boys in general.
Yah, so Bad Boy records , Hip Hop culture changed.
You’ve got your girls in fur bikinis. How did this happen and you are still here.
Hip Hop was a little dusty before Puffy came along.
Shiny suit pants.

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