NEW MUSIC- The Weeknd- Secrets

I am trying to not be a Weeknd fan. He seems so full of himself, but I can’t help but like his music.

The Weeknd returns with visuals for ‘Secrets’ from his 2016 ‘Starboy’ album.

The video continues the nostalgic mystery of young crooner, The Weeknd, as he battles with inner demons, doubts and fears that his librarian lover is not real, but keeping ‘Secrets’.

He’s  staying woke and keeping a crucifix near by so he doesn’t go off the far end as his librarian lover also, battles falling for evil forces  standing near by or the ‘music industry.’ The symbolism of opposing forces is very vivid in ‘Secrets.’

At one point, his librarian lovers undergoes a brief exorcism as her body is contorted and suspended in mid air.

Everyone wants this mysterious love of his life,’ a singer or model perhaps’, and The Weeknd knows it’s just a matter of time before he has to wake up.

Secrets offers a different video and scenario other than than the ‘trap music’ wave, so The Weeknd stands out once again with a catchy, upbeat and ‘numb’ like song even trap heads can vibe to.