Music Artist PRODUKT Launches #HISPANICSBREAKTHEINTERNET Initiative and It’s Everything Today!

I really don’t care for any music that still objectifies use of the N- word, but since it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, I am still able to listen to a Hip Hop album, be non-judgmental of the content and accurately state if a product is well produced or needs some rearranging and mixing in the studio.

This could cost an artist 6 figures, but sometimes artists are able to multi-task and produce their own albums which results in success. This group was sitting idle on my social media account and caught my attention with what I call a legacy quote.

A Legacy quote is a memorable statement from an up and coming artist that becomes embedded in their ‘success framework’ as they rise to the top.

This is one of my fav quotes of the day by @PRODUKTJRG

This is my next fav quote from @ProduktJRG

There is no doubt that Produkt will join the ranks of other Trap music artists at the top of music charts in no time.

Judge for yourself. Can #HispanicsBreaktheInternet TODAY? The choice is yours!