Marlon Wayans Told My Neice STFU at his Sold Out Comedy Show

Comedian Marlon Wayans, just one of the successful Wayan’s family whose combined net worth is reportedly 1 billion… you know the guy who is the funniest member of the Wayan’s family and you supported all of his movies, like the Haunted House and 50 Shades of Black, well he… dun crossed the line of celebrity-foul ups in my opinion, and should be reported to Charlamagne Da God of HOT 97, as the Donkey of the Day.

However, I will explain why my fam gave him a stress pass and totally forgave him while enjoying dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.

The comedian actor, was doing his stand up comedy show at Caroline’s a few weeks ago, when he lost his concentration and focus before screaming STFU to my niece who was sitting at a table just 2 yards away.

I have to admit, my youngin’s laugh real loud when something is funny, but I wasn’t there so I am not sure how loud they were. If a comedian can get through an entire skit with loud laughter from a crowd they have truly mastered the game, but it is apparent some can’t handle the effects and reactions to their own jokes.

Apparently, Marlon could not handle or embrace the sincere support.

My niece was simply laughing at his jokes because he was funny as hell, and he lost it. He then cussed my beautiful niece out. She quieted down and just sat quietly for the rest of Marlon’s stand up comedy.

When I heard the story, I felt some kind of way about Marlon talking to my niece like that. I let her know I would get Marlon’s attention on Twitter by insulting him back and tell him about his behavior during his comedy tour. I know as a fact, comedians hate to be called lame or dumb and I don’t know why. Most comedians people know by name are very successful and should be able to brush off any comments on Twitter, but not these two words.

I knew this and carefully constructed my tweet to get the comedian’s attention. Here is my tweet.

I am not sure if I am no match for Marlon or perhaps, he is no match for me when it comes to a dissing match on Twitter, but as soon as I dissed him to the best of my ability, the GREAT ONE responded and he was vicious… something like a pitbull from the Bronx.

It was utterly amazing to get under Marlon’s skin, but instead of continuing to torment the guy and set him off on a tirade, of which I found to be funny as hell, I backed off.

Marlon tweeted a few more times to defend his good nature, and I of course, apologized in my own way because the comedian’s mentality is simply in a do or die mode as he gets ready for his new show simply entitled, Marlon. Trust, I had to do some research to find out why the usual easy going comedian is a little stressed lately. Dude is getting his own comedy show on NBC. That’s huge. It might take off beyond his own expectations, and I guess he needs time to adjust to the realization.

If the show takes off as the number one sitcom on NBC I will know that I witnessed Marlon embrace his anxiety and stress levels from the beginning. However, Marlon can’t be snapping at executives at comedy shows. At some point you meet the same folks on the way up and hopefully, that is the only direction Marlon is headed. When he reaches the top of his career he’ll remember, he had a confrontation with the author of The Disilgold Way on social media, and before his show The Marlon Way took off.

Does this make sense Marlon? How are you going to tell people to be quiet during a comedy show? I forgive you, but  you need to reach out to my niece and apologize.