#LOVEWINS at Manchester- Bieber, Ariana, Miley and More Bring Crowd to Tears

Justin Bieber’s worldly message was #GREATERTHANHATE, and brought the crowd to tears in Manchester during a benefit concert, and which became a fruition thanks to Ariana Grande who called on her peers to join her in Manchester.

The concert helped raise funds for those families who lost their loved ones during a suicide bombing attack at her former concert.

Manchester beefed up its security 1000% percent so the town could be restored to normality, but yet another suicide attack occurred on London Bridge earlier as a van swerved into pedestrians killing 7 people.

Thus far, there were no incidents in or related to the Manchester charity concert. The artists who performed included Miley Cyrus, Beiber, Arianna,Mac Miller, Robbie Williams, Pharrell, Cold Play, Katy Perry, Take That, Back Eyed Peas, Little Mix and Niall Horan.

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