LeBron James- Gets Candid About Racism in America


I am deeply saddened that the second highest ranking sports player in the world mental mindset has been distracted with racism right before the NBA Finals. In my opinion, the person who desecrated his home should face the highest civil charges. You can literally hear Lebron hold back choke-filled tears of pain and anguish. Although he doesn’t live in the home that was desecrated, he had to have the paint removed or may have received a fine. He gets candid during a press conference with prolific words of truth. Although he’s not referring to all people other than African-American, you know he’s addressing the true racist person who smiles in your face everyday, but wishes you harm behind your back.

‘LeBron James also, sits down with Rachel Nichols to shed light on racism in America and how he and his family are handling the racial slurs that were written on his Los Angeles home.’ SOURCE: CBS SF Bay Area.

Lebron should be feeling high spirited before a game, and not taking on the weight of the world on his own shoulders. This action by someone could negatively impact his game or make him stronger. Everyone will be tuning in the NBA Finals to see if HATE WINS OR LOSES.

NBA FINALS: Lebron James On His Home Being Defaced, Playing The Warriors, Comparing Three Finals

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