Kylie Jenner Reveals SPLIT Personality In New “Life Of Kylie” Clip

‘Beauty Mogul’ Kylie Jenner, is set to premier in her new reality tv show series, ‘Life of Kylie,’ sure to attract her 125 million Instagram followers whether Kardashian clan haters like it or not.

Her audience consists of women who want fuller lips, bigger boobs and a bum, plus rave over her beauty products, lifestyle and rapid rise to the top after dating Tyga.

Some will say she became popular after rolling with Tyga, while others will say she made a name for herself by openly rambling with her insecurities and dating men in rap.

She’s also using the same model of success as those who have come before her by speculating that she has a split personality, donning different wigs, and slowly transforming into a Barbie Doll. She also, loves her selfies like her big sister, Kim.

Before her enemies begin hating, everyone is aware at her digs at Tupac fans by placing her face on his image on t-shirts, supposed banning of Tyga from her reality series and her replacement of Black Chyna’s reality show.

Kylie also, stands to take over the Kardashian empire. She may be the coolest, most collected and calmest diva in the making.

Will you be tuning in to the Life of Pablo, oops, Life of Kylie.