KIM KARDASHIAN Gives Full Tour of Her KORGEOUS House

You like how we swiped G for Gorgeous with K for Korgeous, don’t you? well, you will love Kim Kardashian’s full home tour where she takes you inside every room.

Prepare for your eyes to water and mouth to drop with ecstatic inspiration, not envy.

No room for that behavior if you are here on

Several things I love about Kim Kardashian’s home is its simplicity, cleanliness, no frills approach to decorating, and how she take today’s trendy additions to create a cozy and picturesquely inviting home.

You certainly have many of Kim Kardashian’s fine taste in decorating, but maybe not all, so watch the video for inspiration. After all, she’s rich, but humbly modest. When is Kim getting her own talk show already. Her food, clothing and home decor fetishes should not go ignored for too long.

She’s certainly a real tv show mom and has proved to be down to earth for a long time despite her fetish for selfies.