Jennifer Lopez Joins Forces With Ex on Ni Tú Ni Yo (Official Video) ft. Gente de Zona

Its hard to believe Jennifer Lopez and Latin Heart throb, Marc Anthony, don’t have strong and intense desires for each other.

Jennifer appears all business like and focused in Ni Tu’ Ni Yo, which fits her kind of singing voice well, while mark Anthony is solemnly and unassumingly more handsome than ever without even trying.

Ni Tu’ Ni Yo, which I believe means neither you nor I, is like the best break up, make up anthem for ex lovers to come together with their families, relax and have a great time. Yes, there are memories of cheating, fussing, fighting, child custody and monetary disagreements, but life goes on.

Ni Tú Ni Yo ft. Gente de Zona, is the feel good jam of the summer. Even if you don’t understand spanish, the music gives you good vibe chills and Jennifer Lopez makes everyone proud just knowing she was a round-the-way girl from the Bronx and still going strong.