JCY – Reboot of Thong Song (feat. Sisqo) Has Some Melanin in Video

Sisqo looks great, but he’s notably missing ‘melanin’ in his reboot of his 1999 ‘Thong Song’ video and his signature dance moves look stiff in comparison to how this singer moved in the 1990’s.

The video models have absolutely ‘no junk in the trunk,’ by Trap music video model standards of today, but Sisqo gives the models some love in the videos whose body type use to be norm in the 1980’s. It’s risque video for the Rnb Star who’s been M.I.A.on the charts for years.

Skinny shamming is just as damaging as Fat shamming.

The song also, has a pop edge feel to blend in with today’s pop style music, but will it register as well with his diehard fans or have to find new ones? Sisqo is sending a message in this video, but it isn’t clear yet, and until he reveals his reasons for the stiff moves and lack of ‘melanin’.