How to Achieve a Flawless French Manicure

Back in the day, I would sit for countless hours at the nail salon awaiting each step of my French Manicures to completion. It’s not like you can read a book, magazine or get any work done while getting a manicure, so I ditched the nail salon in 2017, and now apply pre-designed French Manicure tips.

The trick to getting a flawless look is to make sure your nail base either matches or is slightly darker than your skin tone below the bed of your nails. This will avoid noticing air bubbles or any lifting. Another tip I have tried for nail tips that do get a little worn is apply a fresh coat of an iridescent white nail polish.

Not only will you slightly see the French tips right below, but your nail application will look brand new. Keep in mind your natural nails may grow fast, so you will have to repeat the process after a week. I usually wait a few weeks until each nail lifts on their own and just paint my natural nail an iridescent white.

No one will notice you have faux nails with your natural nails. Another added benefit of applying French Nails is that they look professional, match everything and it’s a super classy look that leaves a lasting impression. You also, save money and time wasted at a nail salon which is less than relaxing.

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