HEATHER HALIAH HOME SOUL RECIPES- Southern Hot Pepper Kale and Smoked Hammocks

My Instagram Post 29 June 2017

Southern Hot Pepper Kale and Smoked Hammocks by Heather Haliah

Not a day goes by that I don’t eat delicious and healthy vegetable dishes prepared and cooked from my own home. Adding flavor to my vegetable dishes has changed my eating habits over the past few years. I was an avid consumer of meat, fried foods and milk products, but I  would feel sleepy by mid-day. Besides being diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, I just didn’t have the energy to exercise and so, I never felt my best even if people complimented daily. It was time to make a change in my eating habits.

Having a few servings of daily vegetables does wonders for your health, energy and fitness levels. As a busy educator, my mouth actually waters for my own greens. I haven’t eaten a plate of kale greens that are comparable to my own dish, and why I am sharing my recipe so that  food lovers can feel my joy and educators can jump on the bandwagon to fill up their energy reserves.  if you have been feeling sluggish and just uninspired to live life to your fullest, you may not be depressed, but depraved of your veggies.

It takes a lot to change one’s eating habits, but once you eat a delicious recipe of vegetables you never want to stop.

I am big on nutritious packed flavor, so I always add 5 ingredients to my Southern Hot Pepper Kale and Smoked Hammocks dish, and as self explanatory by the title.

First, I’ll boil smoked hammocks until the meat falls off the bones in a stew pot filled with 1/3 water. Then, I’ll fill boil my greens in the remaining stock, but leaving a little crunchiness to the leaves to prevent loss of vitamins.

I’ll add hot pepper flakes, wedge slices of onions and a pinch of sugar to sweeten the flavor.  I’ll also, add a few teaspoons of vinegar to tone done the heat. The result is a bountiful blessing of Southern Hot Pepper Kale Greens that tastes delectably satisfying with any meal or have it as your staple dish. You can also, add a few slices of tomato.

There is one bonus ingredient that blends all of the flavors and of course, it’s olive oil.  Enjoy. – Heather Haliah

P.S. My greens will whittle your waistline to nothingness, so prepare to buy a new wardrobe.

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