Gwen Stefani Sued for Causing Stampede at Concert, Injuring Woman | reports Gwen Stefani created a dangerous stampede at one of her concerts.

Ms. states that when concert goers arrive to events they do so at their own risk. Footage would have to be obtained of the woman virtually standing still and not moving as to cause damage to herself. Her health records would have to reveal she isn’t prone to bone breakage, has a vitamin D and Calcium deficiency or had a prior injury. The person who actually stepped on her and broke her leg would be libel, and bear the burden of proof that no one pushed them as to cause the accident.  Who knows if the event was opportunistic and all parties acted incidentally. People will harm themselves nowadays and throw themselves on floors, doors and walls and in front of cars to collect money.The negligence comes from the person who actually stepped on the woman’s leg and broke it and continued onward. Gwen Stefani never said, RUN and GET YOUR SEATS. She told people sitting in a civil manner to fill in around lawn area. She did not incite violence or act in a way to provoke anyone. She even acknowledged incident afterwards. Her only sin is being a genuinely nice person victimized by unruly fans. The result was incidental and why entertainment arenas carry no-fault insurance. The event would have to be investigated before a statement is made by stipulating that she created a dangerous stampede. You can’t win for trying in America.

Source: Gwen Stefani Sued for Causing Stampede at Concert, Injuring Woman |

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