GIRLS TRIP Movie Takes #2 Spot Opening Week+ Unlikely New Star Tiffany Haddish

Who was expecting Tiffany Haddish to hopefully, take the Best Supporting Actress Role one day, in this highly entertaining and delightful ‘Girls Trip’ Movie starring the amazing Regina Hall, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith.  Bravo ladies, Girl’s Trip not only stunned at the Box Office, but it took the #2 spot grabbing 30 million in sales on its debut weekend next to the very impressive Dunkirk film, and ahead of Valerian, which featured Rihanna.

The actress’s bond on screen naturally spotlight the fearless Tiffany Haddish who plays Dina, and takes on Regina Hall’s adulterous boyfriend  caught cheating on video.  Every actress was amazing in Girl’s Trip and lead to memorable laughs,  while Tiffany Haddish as Dina stole the movie.

On The Talk, a ‘pow wow’ girls gathering daytime show, which I’ll admit I haven’t tuned into until now, but only  to catch a glimpse of Tiffany Haddish’s real life persona, she shares the ultimate revenge she pulled on a boyfriend who wronged her, stating,

“Girl, I have pooped in some Jordan’s. I defecated in the shoes. He hurt me. He pooped on my soul,” recalls Haddish. “He didn’t have a car where I could slash tires or bust windows out the car. He was stronger than me…but his mama just bought him some Jordan’s.” Haddish laughs and to make matters worse, “I asked him if he wanted to go play some basketball and I said; ‘You should put on them new Jordan’s…and he did!’ Girl I’m good at revenge.”

Of course, this is a made up fictitious scenario, I hope, and since the true character of a woman really doesn’t leave their childhood persona until they obviously go on a ‘Girls Trip,’ but- if it’s true, I think Tiffany Haddish is a natural born comedian and if she keeps up this quick witted fictitious persona, she may just earn a top seat in future Hollywood roles with Kevin Hart Box Office numbers.

What an adorable human being with a refreshing and charismatic sense of humor much needed in film roles. She worked astonishingly well alongside amazing women in film. Tiffany Haddish  best is yet to be seen. If you haven’t seen Girl’s Trip, you will.