Conor McGregor Calls Bout With Floyd Mayweather ‘Half A Fight’ | ESPN

Conor got underneath Mayweather’s skin so badly, that his rhetoric brought out the worse in the boxer who retaliated with what many are calling a homophobic slur.

Fans of Mayweather say that it can’t be worse than McGregor bullying Floyd’s abilities and calling their upcoming Pay per view match, August 26, on Show time a ‘half a fight.’ That’s as beneath the belt you can get.

Both will have to suck up each others comments in the ring. It’s a no brainer. Words mean nothing and no one should be going to jail for it.

Rules of talk apply now for many folks that didn’t apply growing up. It’s hard to change an old soul just like institutionalized racism existent for centuries.

If the fight is cancelled because of hype over Mayweather’s use of a homophobic slur than that’s a lot of unhappy fans of boxing, but maybe worth it.

Mayweather knows better, and probably got cold feet and said what he did to throw the fight. McGregor is one dangerous fighter and sure to give Floyd a beat down.