Audiences Change Their Mind About Bill Maher

Bill Maher does not get an excuse pass for saying the word nigga in reference to being a ‘House N@gga’ and even if he referred to himself as one.

The connotation was offensive, socially irresponsible and repressive to African-Americans who have not only endured images of slavery through stories from their ancestors, history books and films, but still feel mentally shackled by modern day racism disguised by profiling. forced assimilation and overt racism.

Above all, black people have not yet healed from the mental wounds of slavery attached to their history.

Many youth try to embrace the word in their songs, hip hop lyrics and daily vernacular as a means to bond within one’s own culture, empower themselves by taking back the word and physically, socially, mentally and emotionally finding joy in owning the word, N@gga.

After all, blacks never received any reparations for the suffering of their ancestors. Being tarred and feathered, dumped alive in boiling water, hog tied and drag on a truck by ropes, hung by nooses while alive in front of one’s family members, raped by masters, hunted and flesh torn to pieces by dogs, feet and hands shackled with teeth combed traps after being whipped on top of blood soaked wounds are just some images that bring tears to black American families within the private confines of their home.

Many try to live as decent, respectable and law abiding citizens, but if people like Bill Maher get an excuse pass daily there is nothing to gain for anyone. It’s like he crossed the line and cut every black person’s heart. For that moment in time, every black person felt the pain and suffering of slaves before them.

That’s what the N word does when someone who is not black uses it. Black people need a platform to share their talent, but at the same time shouldn’t have to wind up with mental bruises.

Please note, we aren’t judging Bill Maher, but his words and the context of which they were used in addition to the effects on his black audience. If you choose to tune in to Bill Maher that is your business.