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It’s official, the Literary Divas Chat is in progress at because of all the lovely support between artists and talk show hosts like on The Real. I absolutely am inspired and in case you missed some of the shows, here are 5 chit chats you should view from the no. 1 day time show. Keri Hilson […]

TOP 5-The Real Daytime Best Interviews- Keri, Tika, Gabourey, Jennifer, ...

Academy Award Winning Halle Berry, was down to earth and downright one of Andy’s best guests on ‘Watch What Happens Live on Andy Cohen.’ Watch her nix the ‘goodie’ two shoes image’ for multiple F Bombs after taking a sip of champagne. Who knew Halle was so easy going and more gorgeous in person. The naturally beautiful […]

50 & Fine HALLE BERRY- Drops Multiple F Bombs on ...

‘Beauty Mogul’ Kylie Jenner, is set to premier in her new reality tv show series, ‘Life of Kylie,’ sure to attract her 125 million Instagram followers whether Kardashian clan haters like it or not. Her audience consists of women who want fuller lips, bigger boobs and a bum, plus rave over her beauty products, lifestyle and rapid […]

Kylie Jenner Reveals SPLIT Personality In New “Life Of Kylie” ...

Who was expecting Tiffany Haddish to hopefully, take the Best Supporting Actress Role one day, in this highly entertaining and delightful ‘Girls Trip’ Movie starring the amazing Regina Hall, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith.  Bravo ladies, Girl’s Trip not only stunned at the Box Office, but it took the #2 spot grabbing 30 million in sales on its debut […]

GIRLS TRIP Movie Takes #2 Spot Opening Week+ Unlikely New ...

Did REGINA HALL Convince You to See Movie Girl’s Trip? ‘Regina talks about her new movie, Girls Trip, and explains why it has a hard R rating. She reveals that she accidentally ate pot brownies which led to a very interesting day with her dog.’ Regina Hall did an excellent job telling a side topic story about […]

Did REGINA HALL Convince You to See Movie Girl’s Trip?

Bill Maher does not get an excuse pass for saying the word nigga in reference to being a ‘House N@gga’ and even if he referred to himself as one. The connotation was offensive, socially irresponsible and repressive to African-Americans who have not only endured images of slavery through stories from their ancestors, history books and films, but […]

Audiences Change Their Mind About Bill Maher

Xscape – Who Can I Run To Fan of successful hit girl group, Xscape may or may not get to see Tiny tour with original Xscape Members, Kandi Burress and sisters Latocha and Tamika Scott. T.I.P. gets candid on a current episode of T.I. and Tiny after Tiny announces she is taking her baby on the Xscape […]

Baby Father T.I.P. Brings Tension to Tiny Xscape Reunion Tour

TNT explosive debut of Claws turns out to be…”A Surprise Banger of the Summer!”…featuring Niecy Nash as Desna, a nail salon owner who enlists her crew to commit serious crimes in the name of making more money. The series is more than a tumbler of fashion couture meets stylish nails and inner circle gossip. Five women are […]

Claws TNT Debut Nails It+ Niecy Nash and Karrueche Tran ...

‘It’s hard for a good man to be a king,’is the slogan of the Black Panther teaser trailer that has movie goers eager to see the movie right now, but sorry –you’ll have to wait until 2018. The movie plot centers around T’Challa, who is the ruler of the kingdom of Wakanda, an advanced civilization. He joins […]

THRILLING Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD]

Justin Bieber’s worldly message was #GREATERTHANHATE, and brought the crowd to tears in Manchester during a benefit concert, and which became a fruition thanks to Ariana Grande who called on her peers to join her in Manchester. The concert helped raise funds for those families who lost their loved ones during a suicide bombing attack at her […]

#LOVEWINS at Manchester- Bieber, Ariana, Miley and More Bring Crowd ...

Inside Edition captioned Complex News acknowledgement of some heavy tension on the court between Rihanna and Kevin Durant as he shot a free throw with precision, and despite the singer’s heckles. Just as Kevin shot the ball her assistant yelled, ‘Brick,’ which means miss the ball. Her team’s behavior could get her ejected from the court side […]

Rihanna Shows Her Loyalty to Lebron James|Complex News