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Southern Hot Pepper Kale and Smoked Hammocks by Heather Haliah Not a day goes by that I don’t eat delicious and healthy vegetable dishes prepared and cooked from my own home. Adding flavor to my vegetable dishes has changed my eating habits over the past few years. I was an avid consumer of meat, fried foods and milk products, […]

HEATHER HALIAH HOME SOUL RECIPES- Southern Hot Pepper Kale and ...

Source: Britney and Baby Here are some delectable meal preps that are easy to prepare for busy Literary Blasters on the go. Simply grill your fav veggies and fruits and add to your main dishes inviting flavor, color and power packed nutrition instead of microwaving processed frozen dinner trays loaded with sodium, sugar and chemicals. A little […]

Easy Meal Prep Recipes!-Grill those Veggies