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Wowzers! Look inside Rihanna’s 22 million dollar Barbados home fit for a queen and enough room for visiting guests galore. It doesn’t get any better than this luxurious crib. In other news, rumors are circulating that Rihanna bought another crib next door to new Reality Tv Mogul Kendall Jenner’s old pad of which she moved from due […]

Inside Rihanna’ s 22 Million Barbados Home+ Singer Buys New ...

You like how we swiped G for Gorgeous with K for Korgeous, don’t you? well, you will love Kim Kardashian’s full home tour where she takes you inside every room. Prepare for your eyes to water and mouth to drop with ecstatic inspiration, not envy. No room for that behavior if you are here on Several […]

KIM KARDASHIAN Gives Full Tour of Her KORGEOUS House

Source: Sharon She So Fabulous How’s my LiteraryBlast Home decor lovers today. Well, Sharon She So Fabulous is back with a DIY project you will love and it only costs 15 bucks. I tried making a mirror frame with her same suggestions and was amazed by the outcome. These handcraft projects also, make great gifts. What I […]

DIY Huge Mirrored Frame: Dollar Tree Friendly $15.00

Step into Nikki’s laundry room for organization tips and tricks for people who love keeping a neat and tidy home. You can’t go wring with Nikki’s organization hacks that are presented with class and style. Plus, she isn’t trying to sell you anything, but I am buying a few jars to stow away those Brillo pads, sponges […]


Life is simple when you’re organized. In fact, you can never be too organized. Here are HOT 10 Organization Hacks of the Week Closet Organization Ideas using | Free | Dollar Store | DIY Products SOURCE: 5 DIY Room Decor and Desk Organization Ideas – Art Deco Style SOURCE: DIY | Mirrored Nightstands (IKEA […]