PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Woman by Heather Covington


“Auctioning my trench coat I wore on the cover of PERSOULNALITIES.’- Heather Haliah
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GENRE: Self-Help Poetry/African American Women Issues

Title: PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Woman

Author: Heather Covington

Publisher: DISILGOLD ISBN 13: 978-1-932055-14-6/ PRICE: $15

AUTHORHOUSE ISBN 13: 9781403354211/ PRICE: $17.50

“Called a “Girlfriends’ Best Friend” with poetry and essays designed to bring out the winner in YOU!”

About the book:

PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Woman by Heather Haliah -Covington, exposes 100+ diva perSOULnalities or traits every woman will encounter and meet or even harbor and possess at some point in one’s life. Heather Haliah Covington discovered her niche for writing rhymes, poetry and music at an early age upon acquiring the desire to model in high


own poems, many from high school and her personal journals since elementary school in a treasure chest upon literally moving out of her tough childhood environment and launching a publishing business.


The 1st negativity defying poetry guide exposing those fashion couture poetical diva personalities illustrated by Heather Covington (from her high school days) and perfectly designed to challenge the CEO in YOU to face them all, knock down their negativity and move on to your own ocean of success. Don’t let what Heather Haliah calls ‘ Poetical Divas’ in all of us  rob you yet of your motivation to succeed. Which one is you, and have you been keeping company with sharks who may be holding you back from family, friends and lovers to strangers, co-workers and neighbors. Don’t let these divas like “LATE LUCY,” SARCASTIC SUE,” “THE EFFORTLESS HO,” “PARANOID PENNY,” “BOSS OF ANGST,” “JEALOUS JUNKIE,” “TIME STEALING BANDITS,” “GOSSIPING GOOSE,” “PUBLIC ANNOUNCER” and “BLUE BRENDA” rob you of your success! Get to know them all before it is too late! Poetry had never been this analytical and controversial. AS SEEN ON THE AFRIKAN SCHOLAR TELEVISION SHOW. Bonus: Includes a Reading Group Guide Exercise for book clubs, corporate America and organizations with theme: “Are you letting negative people color yourself blue?” Over 40,000 books independently sold!

Reviews: “WITTY& IMPRESSIVE WORK!” by Writer’s Digest


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