Literary Diva presents Literary Divas Magazine by the 100xAward Winning Literary Diva herself, Heather Haliah Covington, Author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature.

Heather Haliah Covington aka Literary Diva

“Just because you’re first doesn’t make you the best!’

‘My worth is not the people I know, jewelry I wear and possessions I own, but the value of my heart that beats eternally for u.’ #Literarydiva

‘Live in Your Heart, Not Outside Your Soul!’

‘Dream Bigger than Your Dreams!’

‘Whenever someone brings a negative thought in your life replace it with a productive thought that brings you wealth.’

‘Silence is My Strength!’

‘Do It Because You Want to and Not Because You Have To.’

‘Never give up your joy of dreaming. The one you wish for the most will one day come true.’

‘Your judgement of me has no power.’

‘My brown is beautiful.’

‘If you got to the top without laying on your back, you deserve to be here!’

‘A woman with substance speaks with intelligence.’

‘Smiles are disguises of joy, but laughter is an open door of misery! Beware people who laugh loudly all of the time.’

‘I am not a performer, I am a human being!’

‘The world is my playground. I have taught enough children to read to shape the future!’

‘I respect the hustle, but I love myself more!’

‘People’s net worth is not defined by liabilities, but assets owned. We must understand the definition of self worth.’

‘If you have been living your life as a facade, then how can you expect people to be interested in the real you.’

‘At the end of your journey all that will matter is your integrity.’

‘I don’t want to be a boss, I want to work with you!’

‘Don’t worry about me, I’m a child of God who is actually praying for you.’

‘Your life is never complete unless you’re God.’

‘Everything you say and do is being watched. God sees everything you do!’

‘Never trust a soul who doesn’t read poetry and love it.’

‘If you say things in your life complete you, then maybe your soul has given up.’

‘ Life has so much more to offer than your complacent ways.’

‘Completeness is living a full life with or without the things you desire.’

‘Be truer to yourself.’

‘Enjoy things in life you never thought you would enjoy.’

‘To know me is to read my poetry.’

‘Never step into God’s shoes to try to do his work. Do your work with JOY and LIVE BETTER.’

‘Be better than negativity, for it is just a word. Words can’t do any damage to your soul unless you allow them to.’

‘Some people harbor negativity their entire lives, and some people see the opposite of its misfortunes and change in due time.’

‘Impersonators excite me, but don’t move me. Still standing.’

‘To forget you must not remember negativity and BE GOOD. Always be a GOOD SOUL and negativity can’t touch you.’

“Design Your Joy, Own Your Success. ”

“Embrace everything you are and be everything you can be in this lifetime.”

“Know your worth and never work for a dollar.’ The Disilgold Way

“There are two types of people, those who give and those who keep giving.”

“Love your neighbor only if they give you their real telephone number.’

‘Dear Negativity, ‘This is my house and you can get the hell out.’

“because Authors are the new celebrity and books…the new entertainment.’

‘If your talking negatively about me, you’re paying me.’

“Be brave to face negativity, knock it down and move on to success!”

” One day I jumped into deep water to teach myself to swim. I knew when I made it back to the top, I was going to make it in life.’- The Disilgold Way

“To win, begin again!”

All quotes by Heather Haliah Covington