AUGUST ALSINA Admiration of Jada Pinkett Very Much Like MICHAEL JACKSON Love for DIANA ROSS

August Alsina’s singing talent not only caught the attention of producer, and actress Jada-Pinkett Smith entire family, but has sparked a relationship many are saying is more than a mentorship, but a mutual love and respect for one another. August is 28 and Jada is 45. Let’s do the math. That’s a 17 year difference.

So if Jada was 35 and August, 18 that would still be a 17 year gap, but their relationship would be legal. If she was 25 and August ,8, that 17 year gap would be totally weird and why I don’t think there is any sparks between the two as media is speculating. Maybe they want to see sparks, and I can see why.

Just yesterday, Jada Pinkett Smith was Tupac’s best friend and one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses in movies like The Inkwell, Set it Off and Menace 2 Society.

While a petite bombshell, she is no lightweight in the industry and plenty of grown men used to crush over Jada back in the day.

Fast forward to 2017, it is clear why August may have a crush on the woman who is 17 years his senior. She hasn’t changed much, but  does look more mature than August. If by chance, the Smith’s threw away their relationship, it wouldn’t be so far fetched to see the two toting around town together, and looking like a super hot couple. No disrespect to Will at all.

She has access inside the industry and could teach Alsina a few things about living his life which ultimately attracts Hollywood calls for movie roles. Why not, advance from a tour artist to a movie star? After all, the music life career is rough and filled with feuds and confrontations.

Personally, I believe the two are using the hype around them to their advantage and he is just close to the entire family, but social media is already blushing over the possibility of August and Jada being a hot commodity and somewhat like a ‘forbidden rock star couple.’

He could very well be starring in a film the Smith’s are producing.

As far as Will, he may not care one bit, since any bad news is good for the family’s bank account. Hype sales. Will need not be threatened by this August Alsina, since Will is still a top box office draw and can get as fine as he wants to gray hairs on his beard and all.

It’s about time Jada give Will some competition to remind him of what he’s got at home, and being that he has been starring with other leading ladies in one film after another.

In other news, August just confused everyone on his social media page by stating he loves Jada with all of his existence?

Just in: There still isn’t verity to the rumors that Jada and August are an item, but you Jada and August fans love this ish.


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