ASK @HEATHERHALIAH- Did Bachelorette Rachel Choose the Right Man?

Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo during the Bachelorette Finale, and may have made the best decision of her life.

For one, he’s unassumingly fine, tall dark and handsome, looks great in a suit, has manners, boy charm, was her first rose giveaway, has a real J-O-B- and career, said he loved her from the start and has a family who stands by him 100%.

Plus, Bryan loves everything about Rachel, has real Latin roots, is a loud and messy ‘I don’t -care-who’s watching-us kisser,’ knows how to go after his woman, and a sense of humor. Finally, Brayan has nothing to do, but get finer in due time.

Rachel deserves this fine man because she’s about her business, has a career to match, an absolutely a beautiful human being no matter what people think about her dire affection for Peter, the other Bachelor.

The only thing that can break them up before their wedding day is Bryan’s family who have now witnessed Rachel breakdown over Peter on national air, and so any momma would ask, ‘Are you marrying my son on the rebound.’

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“Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay describes meeting her suitors for season 13, reveals how she feels about her fiancé and being engaged.

The former couple came face-to-face for the first time since they split on Monday’s ‘After the Final Rose.’

‘Bachelorette’ finale 2017 recap: Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo are engaged