3 Daily Things To Do That Make You Better

Written by Heather Haliah


1. Breathe deeply.  When everything you say and do is either taken literally, for granted or sarcastically, this may result in deceitful and distrusting relationships to no real fault of your own. It’s not your fault some people you encounter are insecure or doubtful about their ability to naturally converse with others without thinking negatively.  Not only is breathing deeply before you speak or act a great stress relief technique, but it gives one a few seconds to react and respond without haste which can build the sincerity factor, and especially with people who have anxiety disorders. You’ll find less antagonistic responses to your own. A simple ‘How’s it going’ does wonders to build the morale of the people you want to surround yourself with, but may be intimidated or experience anxiety disorders around people with outgoing personalities like yourself, perhaps.

 2. Avoid a post It lifestyle.  Post its are for people who can’t remember to forget and life is in total disarray. In other words, one is constantly thinking about completing tasks to the point of distraction which results in over thinking. The human mind is built to naturally respond to built in routines, and why one is called an adult. Post its are great for planning, mapping and organizing events or special dates, but should not be used for daily reminders of routines or one simply becomes too complacent and dependent on an unnatural means to recall things. Having 25 post its all over your mirror in the morning creates personal stress an does not leave room for one to look in the mirror and appreciate oneself.  If you don’t remember it, it’s not important. Trust in you’re ability to go about your normal life as a capable adult.

3.Take a power nap. Even if you spend 24 hours on a task, nothing gets done until you make up your mind that you are done. Working on the task until you become sleepy is counter productive, and may result in self doubt. Just a few more days working at this capacity can even result in heart failure, literally.

Instead, working on tasks for  1 full hour daily over 24 days may be more productive. Now, you have enabled yourself to enjoy the process of completing the task and work becomes more meaningful  to your life . Remember, you count more than the task.

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