10 Reasons Why Bomb Shelters Won’t Save You In A Nuclear Blast+ 10

Written by Heather Haliah

1. The radiation debris will sink right into the ground and become latched onto moist particles in the soil. The minute you come out of your shelter you will be exposed.
2. The weight of the debris will make it impossible to escape from an underground bunker.
3. The excessive heat from the blast will virtually melt the materials used to make any bunker.
4. You could become sealed permanently inside your bunker like a fossil molted volcanic lava and ash.
5. No one would be able to find you from possible millions of bunkers out there.
6. Placing a bunker below ground is like building your own coffin.
7.The heat, lack of air and facilities would drive you crazy in days.
8. The materials used to make rip off bomb shelters may be hazardous materials cleverly shipped back to the inland of beta-tested countries, and with natives’s permission.
9. If you could find 1 million dummies to bury hazardous bunkers under their own dwelling, that would clean up the oceans and recycled materials very quickly. It might even help global warming issues.
10. The poisonous air could seep through creating a death trap with just one hole the size of a pinhole.

In other words, buying a bunker is a waste of money, energy and time.

Here is how you can protect yourself from a sudden nuclear blast in your area.

1. Your town will issue a warning via radio, tv or siren. You will only have a window of 15 minutes to hide below a table just incase your roof caves. This will protect you from hard debris.

2. You may want to put on a hard hat to fully protect your brain, some gloves and a hazmat suit.

3. Grab your temporary emergency kits, 1 for first aid and safety, 1 for food and water and the last for shelter materials like pillow, blanket, gloves, matches, torch, knife, flares, crow bar and sword. You will need it for looters and rapists.

4. Stick some money in a sock or undergarment in case you have to barter for food. Have packets of vegetable seeds because you’ll need to grow your own food.

5. Don’t forget your ID. You may have to prove you are not the enemy to be admitted to any emergency room.

6. Order a pair of skates, a bike, hover board, skateboard and lifeboat, life jacket or anything that enables you to roll, move and transport on land and water. Have a lengthy rope and scissors.

8. Keep a radiation, carbon monoxide and fire detector handy. Your outer environment could be burning with a brush fire.

9. Have these materials in 2 handy suitcases with wheels. Keep them close to you.
10. Have a portable radio with headphones, lots of batteries and a cell phone with charger for both electrical outlets and for any car.

Finally, have your keys accessible and learn how to break into your own car just in case and keep your bible handy to Pray.

You never know what miracles may come your way.

You will be able to come out of your shelter in 3-5 days or a few weeks tops after the radiation dissipates and it will, but not if you enable it to linger on inner or outer surfaces for prolonged periods and why my common sense is telling me that bunkers are a no, no. You are better off acquiring safety in your sealed garage or basement than burying a hole 30 feet under ground with a metal or plastic container.

My ancestors must be Egyptian because I even think a tomb made of stone, clay and water is safer than these new age bunkers. What do you think?