10 Home Decor Details You Should Not Neglect

There are certain must haves I believe every home would benefit from for the sheer luxury and comfort. I have lived in my own apartments, rented a home and now a home owner, but miss the feel of my first studio apartment which was small, but served every purpose of relaxation, comfort, entertainment and luxury. Recreating that feel in a larger home is challenging, but not impossible with my 10 must haves such as:

  1. Hardwood floors-Durability is a must. Avoid dark hardwood floors which get scratched very easily and are hard to keep clean. Dual tone hardwood floors provide more lead way. Plus, you can fix minor blemishes without making repairs obvious.
  2. Ceramic Tiles- Offset hardwood floors with a splash of modern tiles in a different  room. A uniform floor throughout one’s home is boring and makes each room feel the same.
  3. Recessed Lights – Add lighting to make a room feel more cozy and give one’s home a boost of brightness.
  4. Throw Rugs- Add character and dimension with a cozy shag rug that matches your comfort level.
  5. Borders- Enrich any dull room with borders which add depth and style.
  6. Plants- Add oxygen and a splash of natural color to any room.
  7. Framed Pictures- Share your personality, memories, accomplishment and style with framed pictures or photos.
  8. Interior Lighting- Can be used to provide ambience and give warmth to any room.
  9. Center Tables- Provide the perfect haven for company and a lifestyle of luxurious comfort with a durable center table. Avoid glass tables with sharp edges or anything to low that can’t be vacuumed daily.
  10. Hanging Fixtures-A must for balancing a room and adding personal character.

Of course, not everyone has room for a center table or may even prefer wall to wall rugs, but you may want to change the personal style of your home from year- to- year. Fixtures and lighting tend to be mainstays, so choose these add-ons wisely.

Floors are a permanent move, so think this one over unless you are into demolishing your floors every 5 years for a makeover. I have big bulky leather couches in other rooms, but they must be maintained without fail if white or black or  can become worn looking. I personally prefer scotch-guarded fabrics in soothing and bright colors, lately, and although I never thought I would get over seeing the world in black and white. You can always upgrade sofas with pillows.

Finally, while I love shiny and blinged out furniture, I feel this is best for a vanity room, and not the living room or rec room. That’s unless you wish to dust daily every few days. Believe it or not, dust is visible to your visitors.

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