by Heather Haliah There are certain must haves I believe every home would benefit from for the sheer luxury and comfort. I have lived in my own apartment, rented a home and now a home owner, but miss the feel of my first studio apartment which was small, but served every purpose of relaxation, comfort, entertaining and […]

10 Home Decor Details You Should Not Neglect   LITERARY DIVAS UPDATE!

1. Breathe deeply.  When everything you say and do is either taken literally, for granted or sarcastically, this may result in deceitful and distrusting relationships to no real fault of your own. It’s not your fault some people you encounter are insecure or doubtful about their ability to naturally converse with others.  Not only is breathing deeply […]

3 Daily Things To Do That Make You Better

Wowzers! Look inside Rihanna’s 22 million dollar Barbados home fit for a queen and enough room for visiting guests galore. It doesn’t get any better than this luxurious crib. In other news, rumors are circulating that Rihanna bought another crib next door to new Reality Tv Mogul Kendall Jenner’s old pad of which she moved from due […]

Inside Rihanna’ s 22 Million Barbados Home+ Singer Buys New ...

King Fillet Mignon with Crab Meat and Asparagus is a delectable treat mid day, and you only need a few ingredients to get  mouth watering flavor out of every scrumptious bite. 1. Preheat oven to about 220° . 2. Fry the filet until golden brown on both sides after adding garlic powder, onion powder, salt, olive […]

RECIPE ON BLAST:King Fillet Mignon with Crab Meat and Asparagus

Joy Villa, singer of #MAGA song, Make America Great Again, took to her Twitter account to announce that her song reached #1 on Itunes. It’s a great song with a patriotic feel that gives you goosebumps, but people are astonished that she’s a black woman who supports Trump’s agenda which doesn’t seem pro-friendly to all citizens of […]

#MAGA SINGER Joy Villa at Fox News Anti-Trump Protest in ...

Who was expecting Tiffany Haddish to hopefully, take the Best Supporting Actress Role one day, in this highly entertaining and delightful ‘Girls Trip’ Movie starring the amazing Regina Hall, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith.  Bravo ladies, Girl’s Trip not only stunned at the Box Office, but it took the #2 spot grabbing 30 million in sales on its debut […]

GIRLS TRIP Movie Takes #2 Spot Opening Week+ Unlikely New ...

Well, this is awkward, a new Tinder couple got a chance to meet each other on Good Morning America after after texting each other for 3 years. Both happen to attend the same school and like the exact same things. Kind of creepy, but host, Michael Strahan, says it’s a ‘Tinder match made in heaven.’ Tinder was […]

MICHAEL STRAHAN- Tinder Match Made in Heaven Revealed

Married   Whether you are married or a single, every woman can use some advice on how to keep one’s relationship brand new without running their partner away. According to McKinley Irvin, In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds*. That’s nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year. The […]

LOVE ON BLAST- 20 Things Men Find Attractive

Its hard to believe Jennifer Lopez and Latin Heart throb, Marc Anthony, don’t have strong and intense desires for each other. Jennifer appears all business like and focused in Ni Tu’ Ni Yo, which fits her kind of singing voice well, while mark Anthony is solemnly and unassumingly more handsome than ever without even trying. Ni Tu’ […]

Jennifer Lopez Joins Forces With Ex on Ni Tú Ni ...

The Goldman’s, parents of Nicole Simpson, slain ex wife of NFL star O.J. Simpson, retained rights to the book, ‘O.J. Simpson: If I Did It,’ after O.J. lost a post civil case. The Goldman’s were awarded a judgement of 33 million despite evidence being planted on the premises by authorities and a cop caught on tape making […]

OJ Says, ” I Served My Time!’ + ‘If I ...