PRESS RELEASE: Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature by Miss Disilgold Makes Its Mark in History


Heather Covington salutes more than 100 Literary Divas who have impacted America’s History. Literary Divas like Tyra Banks, Terry McMillan, Harriette Cole, Maya Angelou, Iyanla Vanzant and Nikki Giovanni make us so proud.

Editorial Divas like Adrienne Ingrum, Carol Mackey, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Taylor and Dawn Davis keep the works of Literary Divas at the forefront of the Publishing Industry. The late Shirley Chisholm, Rosa Parks, Pearl Bailey, Coretta Scott King, Zora Neale Hurston and Octavia Butler were Literary Divas who impacted history. These Top 100+ Literary Divas represent the voices of past and future generations.Literary Divas share their pain, struggles, desires, and triumphs through their written words as messengers of time and circumstance. Their triumphs and achievements to socio-political cries disguised within novels, poetry, non-fiction reference resources, children’s books, romance novels, mysteries and today’s urban books invite readers to journey through their experiences from bold love and romance to unabashed self-identity crisis and political issues to the plight of today’s Black family and rise in rank all the way to the top. Literary Divas’ stories will amaze as well as make us cry, bring joy and laughter.

“The Literary Divas’ written words are powerful, boundless, miraculous, paranormal and the best mentor to the writer’s soul.”

Let the celebration begin!

Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature MAKES ITS MARK IN LITERARY HISTORY
Release Date June 15, 2006 – Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature by Heather Covington ISBN #:  0-9767735-3-8 / Paperback / 250 Pages / $16.95

Literary Divas salutes more than 100 Literary Divas who have impacted our nation’s culture.
Dr. Maya Angelou, world renown poet and author recently told Ms. Covington, “Child, take my hand”.

 Heather serves as the president of the YOUnity Reviewers Guild of America, editor-in-chief of Disilgold Soul Literary Review, and is noted as one of the nation’s top media personalities and promoters of literary artists…..Heather works as a poet, author, producer, publisher, promoter, educator and humanitarian…..

She has captured the essence of more than one hundred Literary Divas who have shared their pain, struggles, desires, and triumphs, through their written words as messengers of time and circumstance.
According to Omar Tyree, NAACP Image Award winner and New York Times bestselling author, “LITERARY DIVAS…is a relevant and historical tool that all men , women, and children MUST READ!!

Literary Divas’ stories will amaze you…their written words are powerful, boundless, miraculous, paranormal and the best mentor to a writer’s soul.

WHAT A GREAT CONCEPT! Heather provides a valuable reference with glowing tributes to women who are making a difference. – Ann Burns, Associate Editor, Library Journal.

By representing the voices of past & future generations, Literary Divas marks the historical turning point of a new century of African-American women in literature.

Literary Divas salutes: Alice Walker, Alicia Keys, Angel Hunter, Angela Davis, Anita Doreen Diggs, Artist C. Arthur, Barbara A. Custer, Barbara Reynolds, Bea Joyner, Bebe Moore Campbell, Bernice L. McFadden, Bertha Davis, Brenda Hampton, Brenda Thomas, Camille Yarbrough, Candice Dow, Cassandra Darden Bell, Celise Downs, C. F. Hawthorne, Cheryl Willis Hudson, Cheryln Michaels, Christine Young Robinson, Corey Sue Ward, Crystal McCrary Anthony, Crystal Lacy Winslow, Crystal Rhodes, Cydney Rax, Cynthia Highsmith-Hooks, Darcel P. Williams, Darline Dorce-Coupet, Dawn Breedon, Deborah Gregory, Deborah Smith, Debra Clayton, Dee Freeman, Deirdre Savoy, Delores Thornton, Denise Campbell, Denise Turney, Donna Hill, Dorothy Ford, Dorothy Pitman Hughes, Dorrie Williams Wheeler, E. Hill, Edith Holmes, Electa Rome Parks, Elizabeth Nunez, Erica L. Perry, Evelyn Palfrey, Francis Ray, Gina Cox, Gloria Naylor, Gwynne Forster, Harriette Cole, Ida Greene, Iman, Iyanla Vanzant, Jada Pinkett Smith, Janet West Sellars, Janine A. Morris, Jel Lewis (Jones),  Jessica Care Moore-Poole, Jessica Tilles, Jewelene Banks, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Jill Nelson, Joylynn Jossell, Juanita Bynum, Karen Ligon, Karen E. Quinones Miller, Karen White-Owens, Kashamba Williams, Kelly Kenyatta, Kelly Starling Lyons, Kim Robinson, Kimberla Lawson Roby, Lenaise Meyeil Williams, Leslie Esdaille Banks, Lexi Davis, Margie Gosa Shivers, Mari Evans, Marita Golden, Marti Tucker, Mary B. Morrison, Maxine Thompson, Maya Angelou, Nancey Flowers, Natalie Darden, Nea Anna Simone, Nikki Giovanni, Ntozake Shange, Pam Osbey, Pamela DeLeon-Lewis, Pat G’orge Walker, Renee Daniel Flagler, Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Rewa Marie Fyles, Rita Dove, Rita Ewing, Rosa Guy, Sammie Ward, Sheila Goss, Shelley Parris, Sonia Sanchez, Stacy-Deanne Reed, Star Jones, Tajuana “T. J.” Butler, Takesha Powell, Terrie Williams, Terry McMillan, Terry a. O’ Neal, Toni Morrison, Tonya Lewis Lee, Tracy Price- Thompson, Tyra Banks, Vickie Stringer, Victoria Christopher Murray, Wendy Williams, Yolanda Joe, Yolantha Pace and Zane make us so proud.

Editorial Divas: Adrienne Ingrum, Alicia Marie Rivers, Angela P. Dodson, Carol Mackey, Carole F. Hall, Caroline Rogers & Brenda Piper, Cherise Davis, Cheryl Woodruff, Clara Villarosa, Dawn Davis, Denise Stinson, Emma Rodgers, Faith Childs, Faye Childs, Gwen Richardson, Heather Elitou, Janet Hill, Kim McClarin, L. Peggy Hicks, Linda Gill, Lottie Gooding, Malaika Adero, Marie Brown, Marilyn Ducksworth, Niani Colom, Oprah Winfrey, Pamela Yvette Exum, Rachel Breton, Rockelle Henderson, Shunda Leigh, Susan McHenry, Susan Taylor, Sybil Wilkes, Tee C. Royal, Vivian Stephens and Yvonne Rose keep the works of Literary Divas at the forefront of the Publishing Industry. 

Literary Divas who have passed on: Alice Childress, Coretta Scott King, Gwendolyn Brooks, Lorraine Hansberry, Octavia Butler, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisolm and Zora Neale Hurston have become our inspiration and our guides.

Terrie M. Williams, author, The Personal Touch stated: “Literary Divas is an important acknowledgement which not only highlights and details our collective body of work, but most importantly will inspire the up-and-coming Literary Divas and Dons to realize their potential as writers.”

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Miss Disilgold Reveals Her Top 50 Most Noteworthy Decadium Awards and Honors


2008- Mother of the Neo- Soul Literary Renaissance Honor
2008- New York Public Library Women’s History Month Guest of Honor
2008- Invited Guest Host of AA Pavilion at Book Expo and HBF 10th Year Celebration Ceremony
2008-Recipient of African-American Pavilion at Book Expo Self-Publisher of the Year Honor
2008- Diva Entrepreneur Award
2008 Appointed Online Publicity Director of AA Pavilion at Book Expo
2007- NAACP IMAGE AWARD Nominee for Outstanding Literature
2007- 1st African -American Women to Host National Literary Show Promoting AA literature “Literary Living”
2007-Declared Top 5 Media Mogul by Small Press Center
2007- Call & Post Newspaper Black History Month and Women’s History Month Spotlight
2007-  Host and Award Presenter at Phyilis Wheatley Awards at Schomburg Center
2007- Host of Authors on Stage Tour with Sonia Sanchez
2007- WLIB Radio feature Newsletter Spotlight
2007- Toni Trent Parker Author of the Year Award Recipient
2006- Ebony Magazine Notable Bookshelf Pick
2006- Black Issues Book Review Top 100 Sizzling Book Read
2006- Aspicomm Trailbalzer Publisher of the Year
2006- Readers and Writers Book Club TRR Favorite (Literary Divas)
2006- Penned Foreword for Gumbo for the Soul Series
2006- Marguerite Press Publicist of the Year
2006- Appointed Ambassador of African-American Literature by Baltimore Heritage Tours
2006-Memphis Writer’s Conference Hall of Fame Award Recipient2006- 107.5 WBLSFM Circle of Sisters Expo Business Banner Spotlight During Steve Harvey Gospel & Comedy Show
2006-107.5 FM WBLS Business Spotlight
2006- Black Men Magazine’s Hype Natural Hair Beauty Semi-Finalist
2006- Appointed Publicity Director of Harlem Book Fair
2006- Neshee Publication Best Promotions Award Recipient
2006- Appointed Publicity Directory of Award Winning Documentary Arthur: A Celebration of Life Produced by Joe James
2005- Voted Best Online Network by Southern Film Festival and VIP MAgazine
2005- Judge, Host, Producer of YOUnity Reviewers Awards and Walk the Runway For Literacy Project
2005- Authors on Stage Tour Producer at Harlem Book Fair w/ WBLS Deja Vu and Celebrated Author William Cooper
2004- Appointed Literary Book Reviewer and Guest columnist on
2004- Introductory Host of Michael Baisden Sex, Love & Lies Seminar
2004- Producer of Disilgold SOUL Magazine YOUnity  Awards Show w/ guest Michael Baisden, Bruce George (Def Poetry Jam) and Def Jam Poets Kayo and Karen Roc, plus more
2004- C& B Book Distribution Best Website of the Year
2004- C& B Book Distribution Author of the Month
2004- Judge of Harlem Book Fair’s 1st Annual Children’s Spelling Bee
2004- Black Refer Poetry Spotlight Winner
2004- 98.7 Kiss FM Spotlight with DJ Barry Maestro
2004- Harlem Book Fair Poetry Stage Producer, Guest Speaker and  Poet